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Research Overview

Thanks to the vast degree of digitalization and massive deployment of connected devices, unprecedented amounts of data can be captured from various sources along the supply chain. Through machine learning techniques advanced data science, our technology capitalizes the value of big data enabling businesses to uncover and predict data-driven insights and potential of their supply chains.


Solution Development Approach

  • Iterative development approach
    towards developing an optimized solution
  • Bespoke technical development
    + leveraging relevant DHL systems
    + working with relevant best-in-class 3rd party providers
  • Rapid prototyping approach



Application of intelligence analysis, data-driven strategies and solutions to identifying key insights and business opportunities


harnessing big data in logistics

From “hands-free” wearables to sensors, Internet of Things (IoT) to robotics- smart technologies and automation can profoundly change logistics, supply chain management and how global business is conducted. These devices and smart equipment capture and generate unprecedented amounts of data along the supply chain. By harnessing the big data generated coupled with our capabilities in advanced data science and machine learning, these technologies unleash endless possibilities in transforming and enhancing the overall supply chain.

Source: DHL Logistics Trend Report: Delivering insight today. Creating value tomorrow!

The logistics sector is ideally placed to benefit from the technological and methodological advancements of big data analytics.

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Source: Big Data in Logistics- A DHL perspective on how to move beyond the hype


Last updated on 11 Sep 2017 .