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The DHL-SMU Analytics Lab is a joint initiative by SMU and DHL, aimed at facilitating the development and innovation of concepts in consumer and business centric supply chain management, in the form of practical solutions and platforms backed up by academic rigour. 

Built on SMU’s multi-faculty academic excellence and DHL’s expertise and capability in supply chains, the DHL-SMU Analytics Lab is a synergistic industry-university partnership which focuses on performing research & development that advances and demonstrates capabilities in Big Data Analytics, empowering organizations to achieve their business goals. 



  • Analytics as a core business competitive advantage
  • Leverage analytics and machine learning to uncover hidden business opportunities, create new markets and solve business problems
  • Equip DHL's business units with cutting-edge analytics capabilities and tools


  • Pursue game-changing analytics opportunities
  • Accelerate the pursuit of value accretive analytics opportunities
  • Aggregate demand across DHL's business units to achieve developmental synergies
  • Prototype, incubate and commercialize thought-leading concepts

Why was DHL-SMU Analytics Lab established?

The DHL-SMU collaboration started in year 2013 with an investment of $2 million from DHL to launch the Green Transformation Lab (GTL), aimed at accelerating the evolution of sustainable logistics across the Asia-Pacific region. In the effort to embark on new strategy focusing on advanced data science and big data analytics, the collaboration was extended for another two years with fresh investment by DHL to set up the DHL-SMU Analytics Lab in September 2016. Through this integration, the DHL-SMU collaboration not only specializes in sustainability logistics but also offers technical capabilities as well as the functional subject matter expertise in analytics.

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Working closely with DHL has provided opportunities for SMU to develop our research capabilities in various domains, such as analytics in supply chain management, operations management and sustainability. The collaboration has provided real world scenarios for education and research, which is in line with our strong capability in multi-disciplinary applied research.

Last updated on 11 Sep 2017 .