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7 Jan 2019

DHL-SMU Analytics Lab welcomes Jin An
Academic Director, Associate Professor (Education) Benjamin Gan welcomes Tan Jin An. Jin An is a recent graduate from SMU, School of Information System with Bachelor of Science (Information Systems) Dec 2018. His FYP IS480 project was with Scoot, where they developed a Flight Crew report system. This project won the Infosys Consulting IS480 Award. He previously interned with Infineon Technologies, Singapore Airlines and IBM. As a recent graduate, he will fit well into his new role assisting in managing student and industry projects, since he will understand both sides of the project development and management roles. Jin An was very much involved with many activities while in school, Nanyang Poly as well as SMU. His software development skills and passion in technologies (Arduino, Android, Java GUI, ASP.NET, VOIP etc) will find him involved in both managing and developing systems

3 Dec 2018

DHL-SMU Analytics Lab welcomes Sheena
Academic Director, Associate Professor (Education) Benjamin Gan welcomes Sheena LEE Villanueva. Sheena comes with a vast knowledge of analytics and software development. She worked with General Assembly, Shopee, Holmusk, Apple and Cognizant Technology Solutions. She received a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Management and Operations Management from SMU, School of Information Systems 2012 and Data Science Immersive Program from General Assembly Washington DC 2016. We are excited and happy to have Sheena join the lab. She will be working on challenging projects with DHL and SMU community applying analytics and developing system for the lab. While at SMU, she was with the Volleyball club, Blue and Gold school paper and Barkada Filipino club. With such active participation, she will fit in very well with the SMU community.

19 Nov 2018

DHL-SMU Analytics Scholarships
Academic Director, Associate Professor (Education) Benjamin Gan would like to congratulate the recipients for the DHL-SMU Analytics Scholarships: Ms HUANG Huidong for Master scholarship and Mr Lim Huan Sen for Undergraduate Scholarship. Both scholarships recognise outstanding full-time Master and Undergraduate students who demonstrate evidence of being creative, resourceful and innovative. We look forward to your internships and your professional representation of DSlab excellence in data analytics. Be a role model for students who are working on advance analytics concepts across the supply chains globally.

17 Sep 2018

IS480 Projects Kickoff
Academic Director, Associate Professor (Education) Benjamin Gan kicked off two IS480 team projects. Team Panda Conda with Patrick TAN Kun Wei, Bryan GWAN Wei Hao, LE VAN Tuan Long, KIM Huiyeon, Rainean Young CALUBAD, and Team Beyond Ideas with Andy ANG Yong Kiat, Joel ANG Wee Keat, TAN Li Kai, TAN Soon Wei, XU Ying. Timothy Kooi, Head of Data Analytics, DHL Asia Pacific Innovation Center (APIC), XinYu Lim, Data Scientist and Daniel Goh Kah Hoe, Software Engineer demostrated internal projects for the teams. Team Panda Conda will work on a platform for Supply Chain Data Visualization and Team Beyond Ideas will work on an external data correlation system.

6 Sep 2018

DHL Drives India’s Journey in Logistics Innovation
IoT-powered smart parcel lockers, “smart trucks” with live temperature tracking capabilities, and autonomous collaborative robots were just some of over 20 disruptive technologies exhibited by start-ups and innovative DHL employee teams at the highly-anticipated logistics innovation event, DHL India Innovation Day, held in Mumbai this year. Themed Driving the Digital Future, more than 400 customers, senior supply chain professionals, innovators and start-ups were equipped with a wealth of social and technology trend insights, plus cutting-edge innovation tools to accelerate their digital transformation journeys.

1 Sep 2018

DHL-SMU lab extended for 2 years
The DHL-SMU analytics lab has been extended for another 2 years. The extension is signed by DHL Ms PANG Mei Yee, Vice President, Innovation, Solution Delivery and Service Management & Mr Matthias HEUTGER, Senior Vice President, Strategy, Marketing and Innovation, DHL Customer Solutions &  and by SMU Professor Pang Hwee Hwa, Dean, School of Information Systems, Professor Steven MILLER, Vice Provost (Research). The lab has a new Academic Director, Associate Professor (Education) Benjamin Gan

31 Aug 2018

Second Supplier Project Kickoff
Vice President and Head of Innovation, Solutions Delivery and Service Management, Ms Pang Mei Yee kicked off the Second Supplier project at DHL Asia Pacific Innovation Center (APIC). Assistant Professor of Economics from SMU Amanda Jakobsson presented the objective and project plan. In attendance is Benjamin Gan, Academic Director of DHL-SMU Analytics Lab, Timothy Kooi, Head of Data Analytics, DHL Asia Pacific Innovation Center (APIC), XinYu Lim, Data Scientist, Daniel Goh Kah Hoe, Software Engineer, Cerulean KOH Shiliang, Research Assistant and Stanley Alexander DION, Intern

June 2018

DHL Trend Radar 2018/19
DHL launches its 3rd edition of the Logistics Trend Radar, a dynamicliving tool that captures the development of society, business and technology trends.  An industry acclaimed benchmark for strategy and innovation that acts as a foresight tool to help businesses take control of the future.

May 2018

Look Inside for Insights
Businesses often overlook the immense amount of data sitting in their own “backyards.” Head of Data Analytics AP, Timothy Kooi explains why it’s worth mining the wealth of opportunities with analytics in the logistics industry.

April 2018

AI. Today A Novelty, Tomorrow A Necessity
In a joint report, DHL and IBM have evaluated the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in logistics and exposed how it can be best applied to transform the industry, giving rise to a new class of intelligent logistics assets and operational paradigms– an outline of how the key benefits and opportunities that AI presents, now that performance, accessibility and costs are more favourable than ever before.

November 2017

DHL Temperature-Controlled Supply Chain Hackathon
Organized in collaboration with the Conferenceon Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM), DHL Analytics Lab launches the first data analytics hackathon held at the Asia Pacific Innovation Center to predict potential risk to temperature controlled deliveries for life science and pharmaceutical goods.

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